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Kelly will create and perform original and interactive content designed around your theme or event.  Example:  A national organization was gathering for a session on ethics, and Kelly wrote and performed a sketch called The Retirement of Truth, where a character named Truth was formally announcing his retirement to the group (to flash-popping paparazzi) unless they would help him by incorporating ethics into their business practices.  The session was very well received, with much spirited participation, and was anything but boring.

To highlight an industry leading technology for the North Texas Tollway Authority, Kelly wrote, directed and performed a video featuring twin brothers, one of whom took the toll-road, and one who chose the "cheap" route, only to realize in the end he made a huge mistake.  Hilarity ensued.  Technology highlighted.  Sponsor Satisfied!

For sales and service organizations like Toro and Dell, Kelly has performed Goin Fishin, a comic sketch that involves two elderly fisherman, who don't seem to be catching anything, because they are comfortably seated in their front yard.  One of them wants to "go to the lake," while one wants the fish to come to him because he's been fishing for "50-some-odd-years, and deserves a little respect!"  It vividly illustrates changing your thinking in order to find success.

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